Authors: The Association of Lovers of LEGO bricks “BUILD IT”  


Time: up to May 28, 2019 and then since July 2019

Authors: Wiesława Ludwiczek “Sikorka”, Grzegorz Ludwiczek “Goldsun”, Mirosław Niedziela “Benny80”, Aleksander Sagan “Solic”

The exhibition includes replicas of the following objects: the “Little Wersal” palace in Świerklaniec and the Tiele-Winckler palace in Bytom-Miechowice, the non-existing railway station in Bytom, the “Krystyna” shaft, the water tower in Bytom, the “Guido” mine, the “Flying Ślązak” express, TEM2 maneuvering locomotive with wagons, city hall in Poznań.


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