Temporary exhibition 2023

10 years of the Silesian Culture Centre – retrospective exhibition

From 3 May 2023.

Exhibitions presenting the major cyclical projects and other displays of the Centre of the past decade (2013 – 2022) in several rooms of the palace.

“Creators of Silesian Culture & Metamorphoses” (2014 – 2022) is a photographic project that included calendars and photograms by Krzysztof Miller and Marek Wesołowski, as well as two insurgent, connoisseur portfolios by K. Miller. In the palace chapel, you can see selected portraits of the Creators of Silesian Culture (e.g. Jan Miodek, Barbara Ptak, Lech Majewski, Erwin Sówka, Sławomir Idziak) and photograms of the uprising editions, and in front of the chapel you can leaf through the calendars.

“The Nobility Weekend’ (2014 – 2022) was an educational project familiarising visitors with the history of the Silesian nobility in the formula of historical exhibitions, meetings with representatives of the aristocracy, book promotion and a bicycle rally ‘In the footsteps of the Silesian nobility… and not only’. In the historical part, the exhibition shows photographs of the visits of the aristocracy, chronicle entries, charts and exhibits related to previous exhibitions (costumes, British Coat of Arms documents issued, i.a. during the reign of Elizabeth II). In the bike ride section, connoisseur rally T-shirts and posters were on display until the end of May 2023.

Exhibition until 31.05.2023

Exhibition from 01.06.2023

“Fat Thursday with the blues” (2015 – 2022) is a series of blues concerts accompanied by doughnut consumption. On display – posters and photos from the concerts. (The exhibition was on display until 31.05. 2023.)

“Spring ASPirations” (2014 – 2022) was a project presenting the work of visual artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, both its lecturers and those originating from the academy. The title refers to the date of the openings, which were usually held in April. The exhibition presents a selection of works. (The exhibition was on display until 31.05. 2023.)

Miscellaneous exhibitions – this exhibition features paintings, prints and photograms from various exhibitions that are part of the Centre’s collection. (The exhibition was on display until 31.05. 2023.)

Photo: Renata Głuszek