Temporary exhibition 2019

A world immersed in colors

Vernissage: August 10, 18.00

The paintings presented at the exhibition are a representative review of the achievements of Aleksander Turek, showing the diversity of topics and the universality of his techniques. The exhibition is thematically divided into act, landscape, still life, graphics and drawing.

Aleksander Turek organizes artistic mess with colors. He uses vivid colors that he is not afraid of and which, despite sharpness, do not hurt the final idea. (…) The artist feels as if he is stealing beauty from the world around him. Accumulated details do not create any chaos, each touch of the brush is in a right place, with the same degree of importance. A specific perspective brings original effects. The sharp eye can see in Turk’s paintings the influence of impressionism and cubism.

About the artist

Aleksander Turek (1933 – 2016) was a painter and graphic artist, as well as a teacher and activist in the field of promoting artistic culture. He studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1955 – 1961). He was an artist who, with careful observation, reached for the traditional workshop and painting techniques enabling him to build his own individual world. He painted nudes, landscapes and still lifes, and also practiced lithography and sculpture. His painting is characterized by perfection of workmanship and vibrant colors. In 2007, Turek received a Silver Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis.