Temporary exhibition 2024

Artur Szołdra “Observer – crumbs of glances”

Exhibition from the series "Expression of the Imagination"
April 28 - May 23, 2024

The artist mainly makes full, monumental sculptures and deep reliefs. The artist’s trademark are sculptures with sublime themes related to ‘fantasy’ characters. His works are expressive, often magical with a specific atmosphere. The unique works are mainly made in wood, often combined with other matter such as copper, steel or stone.

Artur Szołdra w okularach ochronnych ze szlifierką pracuje nad rzeżbą z drewna.

Arthur Szołdra’s work is dominated by the figure of a human being and the surrounding space as well as the energetic relationship between them. With his forms, the artist provokes thought and embellishes squares, gardens, parks and domestic spaces. He has held several author exhibitions and numerous open-air sculpture workshops at home and abroad, where his works are received with great acclaim. Artur Szołdra is also the creator of the statuette presented to the winners of the Grand Prix in the prestigious competition “Krysztaly RP” (Crystals of the Republic of Poland) during the nationwide Conference on PR in Local Government and State Administration. Most of Artur Szołdra’s sculptures are in private collections. The only permanent, publicly accessible exhibition of the artist’s works is in the Museum of Magical Realism “Ochorowiczówka” in Wisła.

Rzeżba przedstzwiająca fragment luszkiej twarzy.


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