Temporary exhibition 2020

Colorful portrait

Organizer: Association of Polish Art Photographers, Silesian District

Authors: Ryszard Czernow, Jakub Gadek, Krzysztof Gołuch, Marcin Górski, Antoni Kreis, Katarzyna Łata, Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec, Beata Mendrek, Halina Morcinek, Zbigniew Sawicz, Bolesław Stachow, Timm Stutz, Barbara Szewczyk-Szelka, Janusz Wojcieszak


The exhibition “Colorful image” is the second in the series of exhibitions “Awareness of the frame”. We showed the first one in 2019 entitled Body awareness.

I am convinced that a portrait is much more. The portrait is primarily an attempt to delve into the other person, their mood, character and emotional state at the time of taking the photo. Sometimes we are the other person ourselves, as in the self-portrait of Janusz Wojcieszak. I am convinced that regardless of whether we photograph someone or ourselves, a larger or smaller part of us is always included in the presented image. Fourteen authors, using a variety of techniques and formal procedures, show how strongly the portrait affects the recipient.

Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec 2020