Permanent exhibition

Count’s Salon

“The Count’s Salon” is the name of a permanent historical exhibition. At Donnersmarcks time this small room with decorative plafond served as the living room of Countess Teresa, sister of Count Lazarus V, the last actual owner of the palace. Unfortunately, the historical turmoil meant that little was left of the palace equipment, except the vault, the fireplace and the chandelier in the vestibule. One can only reproduce the atmosphere of the era by exposing 19th and 20th century furniture. The original palace furniture is a wooden chair with a black seat, perhaps a marble inkwell also comes from here. 

Currently on display in the “Count’s Salon”, in addition to the aforementioned chair, are a chest of drawers and a display cabinet from the 1940s. (donated by the Kloza and Zbrzezny family – “In memory of Joanna Zbrzezny”), a cabinet, ornamental chairs and, from the original keepsakes of the former owners, a globe and a platter.

The Silesian Culture Centre would be delighted to receive any memorabilia of the Donnersmarcks, even if only on a loan basis.