Permanent exhibition

Count’s Salon

“The Count’s Salon” onnersmarck family. At Donnersmarcks time this small room with a decorative ceiling (only one part is original, the other was reconstructed) belonged to Countess Teresa, sister of Count Lazarus V,the last actual owner of the palace. The historical turmoil meant that practically nothing was left of the furnishings, so one can only reproduce the atmosphere of the era by exposing 19th and 20th century furniture and decorative curtains. The only original palace furniture is a wooden chair with a black seat. The chest of drawers and display case from the 1940s are a donation from the Kloza and Zbrzezny families – “In memory of Joanna Zbrzezny”.

Various types of Henckel von Donnersmarck memorabilia are also presented in the “Salon”. The largest of them is the palace globe. The display case contains porcelain plates that were given to servants working in the palace. The exhibits include two original prints issued on the occasion of the death of Edwin and his wife Wilhelmina, photos of family members (including photos from their visits in 2014-2016), cutlery from the palace in Świerklaniec, writings and publications. On the chest of drawers there is a hand-painted copy of the igenealogy of the Henckel von Donnersmarck family from Nakło Śląskie – a gift from Count Andreas. On the wall above it hangs a copy of the portrait of Laura von Hardenberg, the first wife of Hugo I. Other archival materials are hung on the walls of the corridor adjacent to the “Salon” – photos from the pre-war salon press and photos of Zofia and Hans Ulrich Schaffgotsch.

The Silesian Culture Centre would be delighted to receive any memorabilia of the Donnersmarcks, even if only on a loan basis.