Temporary exhibition 2020

Creators of Silesian Culture – Metamorphoses

Authors: Krzysztof Miller and Marek Wesołowski

The exhibition is a continuation of the regular project ‘Creators of Silesian Culture’, implemented since 2013, but this time it appears in a new version whose essence is defined by the additional word ‘Metamorphoses’. The project traditionally consists of an exhibition and a calendar whose task is to refute the stereotype of perceiving Silesia as an industrial land devoid of more ambitious cultural facilities and show it as a place of implementation of many interesting and valuable cultural ventures. Black and white portraits of the creators of Silesian culture (directors Lech Majewski and Kazimierz Kutz, actor Olgierd Łukaszewicz, architect Tomasz Konior, graphic Roman Kalarus, writer and painter Henryk Waniek and others) by Krzysztof Miller and Marek Wesołowski served this purpose in the previous six editions.

The new, VII edition of “Creators …” however, focuses not only on asking serious questions about the roots, identity and tradition of this region, but also aims to capture Upper Silesia during changes – METHAMORPHOSIS. This is what 12 artistic photo collages show, which feature motifs related to such characteristic phenomena as family, work, cuisine, tolerance, openness, identity and religion in the face of their transformations.