Temporary exhibition 2022

In memory of Mirek Ogiński…

July 12 - August 14, 2022

In memory of Mirek Ogiński and for friends from Ukraine

Organiser: Tarnowskie Góryi County, Silesian Artists’ Association StAŚ

The exhibition presents works by Mirosław Ogiński from the series “Residences of the Silesian Nobility”, as well as landscapes by three Ukrainian artists, Ihor Yurchenko and Olena and Yaroslav Zhminka.

“Residences of the Silesian Nobility”

The series consists of 24 colour watercolours depicting existing or no longer existing castles, palaces and mansions from the Tarnogórski County, Bytom and Piekary Śląskie, including palaces in Nakło Śląskie, Repty Śląskie, Brynek, Kozłowa Góra, a castle in Stare Tarnowice and Tarnowskie Góry (attempted reconstruction) and a hunting manor in Bibiela. The works were created before 2013.

Mirosław Ogiński – a long-time employee of the County Office and a participant of the International Artistic Plein-Air organised by this institution – was a versatile artist. He practised painting, graphic art, watercolour and sculpture, and was also an illustrator of books (“Utopce Doliny Dramy”, “Legendy Radzionkowa”, “Historia srebre pisana”). His works can be found both in private collections and in art galleries.)


The landscapes by Ihor Yurchenko, Olena and Yaroslav Zhminka are works that still smell of paint, as they mainly date from 2022.