Temporary exhibition 2023

Kasia Wiercińska “Tarnowskie Góry in watercolour”

2 Jun - 13 Aug 2023.


When I come back to Tarnowskie Góry, every street, every building and every nook and cranny evokes memories and tells its own story. I have selected a few of these stories and pictured them with watercolour on paper. The Town Hall illuminated by the warm afternoon sun, the bustle in the market square and streets, the warm colours of the brick, the light plaster in shades of beige and grey, the reflections of the buildings in the puddles, the evening lights of the street lamps. This is exactly how I want to remember it.

Kasia Wiercińska

An exhibition of watercolour painting by Kasia Wiercińska, featuring paintings showing urban views from Tarnowskie Góry, Miasteczko Śląskie, Świerklaniec and Nakło Śląskie.


Kasia Wiercińska – architect by profession. She studied painting and drawing in the studio of Professor Werner Lubos and in classes with Maria Kurtz in Tarnowskie Góry. It was mainly acrylics, charcoal and pastels. She has been passionate about watercolour since childhood. After many years of her own experiments with watercolours, she received professional watercolour training in New Zealand at artist Min Kim’s gallery in 2019-2020. She currently lives in Oslo, where she teaches watercolour classes to artists at any level – beginner and advanced.

In my paintings I try to capture the beauty and atmosphere of the surrounding landscape. When painting, I try to tell the story of a place exactly as I want to remember it, which is often not exactly how it looks. My favourite subjects are city views and the sea – the latter especially with boats or waves.

Kaisa Wiercińska