Temporary exhibition

Martha Mulawa, Janusz Gilewicz „PASCULP ART”

Exhibition from the series "Expression of the Imagination"
June 28 - July 20, 2024

Martha Mulawa – a Kraków-based artist with roots in Puławy, in love with the Tatra Mountains. Lately, she has been creating mainly sculptures and installations, formerly the author of unique batiks – works of art enlivened with light – bringing life to modern interiors and adding colour to outdoor spaces. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Industrial Forms. Scholarship holder at Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze and l’École des beaux-arts de Toulouse.

She is usually inspired by deeply and multi-levelly felt nature, which can be seen in most of her sculptures, paintings and design realizations. She has won many design competitions. In her art projects she combines sculpture, installations, batik or painting with music, mapping, light and dance. She is keen to share creative emotions, stimulating the viewer’s creativity. Martha Mulawa’s works are also widely appreciated and used in applied art. She has presented her work in over sixty solo and group exhibitions.

Martha Mulawa z pędzlem w dłoni.

For 40 years of creation, Janusz Gilewicz makes available to his viewers not only the work of art, but also the space-time process of its birth. This allows the viewer not only to stop and give vent to his senses, but also to add thought to art that is intended to be frameless. Gilewicz’s paintings at first attract with their expressiveness, only to explode into infinite possibilities of artistic creativity after a while. In his works we find painting, graphic design, sculpture, as well as theatrical, musical and literary references. His 33-year stay in New York was a time of openness to the multiplicity of arts. This boundless receptivity was reflected in Janusz Gilewicz’s description of himself as a Total Artist. It was in New York that he gained international fame as an artist. The leather jackets he painted, which were worn by rock stars such as Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Joe Cocker, opened many doors for him. This resulted in collaborations with sculptors, musicians, filmmakers. Fantastic projects have emerged from these collaborations, to which each artist has brought their own experience, ideas, visions. – The exchange of thoughts, insights, images that arise in the heads of the creators is something extremely valuable. I like to share, but I also like to draw. Artistic collaborations allow for this. They broaden perspectives and bring in a breath of freshness,” says Janusz Gilewicz. He has collaborated with the most prominent interior designers. He is the designer and co-creator of the world’s largest 3D mural in New York, which he painted with 500 volunteers. He has written four film scripts and starred in one of his films. He is the author of more than 1,000 visual works.

Janusz Gilewicz z rozwianymi włosami.


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