Temporary exhibition 2024

Panicos Spanos „In the nick of the time” „Time zero”

Exhibition from the series "Expression of the Imagination"
April 28 - May 23, 2024

Panicos Spanos draws inspiration from the concept of time and space, the natural realm and the infinite potential of humanity.

He was born in 1976 in Limassol, Cyprus, where he continues to live and create. He is now known for his large-scale metal sculptures presented in galleries, museums and also in public spaces. He started his artistic journey in an artist’s lamp studio. Under the guidance of Cypriot artist Pambos Michlis, Spanos studied painting, ceramics and sculpture. Working in clay, he studied the anatomy and proportions of the human body. However, it was metal that remained closest to him. Using the plastic possibilities of metal, the artist creates openwork forms that delight with their lightness. The sculptor draws inspiration from elusive concepts such as time and space, but also from nature in the broadest sense, of which the human being and his great, unknowable potential is a part. The Cypriot sculptor explores the human body by creating whole figures or depicting them piece by piece, dismembering them, focusing on limbs, head, face. Panicos Spanos’ works can be found in private collections in Poland, Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Russia, Cyprus and Greece. The Polish public had the first opportunity to get acquainted with Panicos Spanos’ work in November 2022 at the 19th Warsaw Art Fair, where the artist presented sculptures ‘In the nick of Time’ and ‘Time Zero’.

The sculpture “In the nick of time” is a male figure decorated with alien and futuristic elements. The man is wearing a necklace with an emblem of infinity, as time is infinite but relative. The two heads represent the past and the future, alluding to Janus – the ancient Roman God of all beginnings, transitions, endings and duality. On the head of the sculpture is a clock whose hands move faster than usual to emphasise that time is passing. Any attempt to stop it is futile. But time is relative and each person experiences it differently. Therefore, the speed of the clock can be set manually.

Rzeżba z metalu i mechanizmów zegara przedstawiająca postać o dwóch twarzach.

Technique: metal, clock, drive, battery, lacquer, edition of 1 piece, 2022, 208 cm high

he sculpture “Zero time” features a naked woman with futuristic elements. The woman has a display on her head that shows a rapid countdown like a ticking bomb. The sculpture serves as a reminder and warning that the time for change is now. There is no time to lose because time is running and once it reaches zero there will be no going back.

Rzeźba z metalu i mechanizmów zegara przedstawiająca postać ludzką.

Technique: metal, display, battery, lacquer, edition of 1 piece, 2022, 196 cm high


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