Temporary exhibition 2019

The secrets of the lost palace

Photograms’ owner: Association “My Miechowice”

The owner of the LEGO replica of the palace: Association of LEGO bricks enthusiasts “Build.it”

The exhibition presents unique archival photographs of the Tiele-Winckler family palace in Bytom-Miechowice. On 24 photograms it can be seen its interior and exterior, as well as portrait scenes against the background of the building. An additional attraction of the exhibition is a display case with photos and publications on the subject of Tiele-Winckler and the palace.

The palace in Miechowice, owned by the Tiele-Winckler family, was built in 1812. Franz Winckler got it thanks to his marriage to the then heir (1832/1833). Palace remained the property of the Tiele-Winckler until 1925, when it was sold to the company Joint Stock Preussengrube AG. Under Tiele-Wincklers, the palace was thoroughly rebuilt and expanded twice, gaining the features of 16th-century English Gothic. In January 1945, the building was burned by Soviet soldiers, and in 1954 the ruin was blown up. Remains are now being rebuilt for a cultural center purpose.