Temporary exhibition 2019

Written by silver

There are works from the 5 International Interdisciplinary Art Plenums (SMZT collection) inspired by the Tarnogórska undergrounds, belonging to such art genres as the painting, photography, sculpture, canvas and musical notation. About 100 exhibits in general. According to prof. Werner Lubos, the initiator of the exhibition and one of its authors – Each painting has a different matter, composition, sensitivity to color. Symbiosis of the light of the lamp, dark matter and imagination appears on them. Artists from Tarnogórski are: Werner Lubos, Artur Lubos, Jerzy Lisek, Krzysztof Miller, Brygida Melcer-Kwiecińska, Ryszard Wasielewski and Bartłomiej Zylla, there are also works by artists from China, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Uzbekistan and Hungary.