“The Creators of Silesian Culture” was one of the most important projects of the Silesian Culture Centre. Its aim was to capture outstanding figures from the Silesian region in artistic photographs. The photos were taken by Krzysztof Miller and Marek Wesołowski (members of Polish Art Photographers Association, Lower Silesia District) and presented at an annual exhibition called “The Creators of Silesian Culture” along with a calendar promotion.


Silesian culture is a unique melting pot in which, during long historical processes German, Czech, Polish and Jewish influences have been mixing. Multiculturalism is a distinguished feature of our region. At the same time this strange mixture adds up to the phenomenon and true treasure of Silesia. Therefore it can be concluded that the European character of Silesian culture is unquestionable. For the rest of our homeland it was a kind of problem. Our compatriots usually perceived Silesia from the perspective of naive folk culture, St.Barbara’s feast, blood sausages and beer. Fortunately, both the “low” working class culture and high art were developing simultaneously in Silesia. It occurs again that multiculturalism and unusual variety have always been able to connect people. This way Silesian people find not only passion, but also the key to understanding beyond all divisions and differences. Thanks to the Silesian Culture Centre in Nakło Śląskie, a place where people of culture (both artists and art lovers) can meet, discuss, argue and above all create, a gallery of portraits of contemporary Silesian artists came into being. This is just the beginning of the collection, the first step. It is also an attempt to convince many people that it is not only the material world that counts, but also the spiritual one, because thanks to art our life becomes richer, more beautiful, deeper, better and simply truer.

Krzysztof Miller